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Studio assistant

Only email submissions will be considered - no DMs please! 

Job details:

Location: Asheville, NC

Title: Part Time Studio Assistant

Rate: $20/hour

Time commitment: 8h/week

Description and Responsibilities:

This position will be doing a little bit of everything, and will likely evolve as we work together. To begin, it will be a lot of studio maintenance work (cleaning, reclaiming clay, mixing glaze, etc.) and likely some minor hands-on making help (hand-building).  

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Mixing glaze 
  • Wedging/reclaiming clay
  • Cleaning the studio
  • Loading and unloading electric kiln
  • Packing/shipping
  • Handbuilding/slipcasting


Bachelors degree or equivalent experience in ceramics


Email recipient:

Subject line: “Studio Assistant - your name". 

Email body: Casual and brief! Hello and let me know why you are interested. Optionally include any pertinent details about you or why you would be a good fit! 

Attach: (1) Résumé/CV (2) Portfolio with 5-10 images of finished pieces *OR* a website with portfolio. (3) Please include social media link(s) if applicable. 

Transparency/safety note

My studio is quite small (a 1 car garage attached to my home), with the bathroom inside the house. It will be important that our personalities are a good fit.

If you have studio space to work off-site where you can do remote work like handbuilding on slipcast pieces, that's a plus. 

We have a small baby at home and Covid safety is important to us. Applicant must be vaccinated and disclose if they are feeling unwell. I will do the same.

Must be comfortable with dogs.