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TLDR: I have only a few sales planned per year - my next one will likely be in the fall or winter. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Items do sell out quickly and I ship worldwide! 


Q: When/where can I buy work?

A: If this is your first time shopping with me, my shop restocks take place on my website at the date and time I announce in advance. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Items do sell out quickly and I ship worldwide! 

Q: How do I receive shop updates and sale notifications?

A: Shop updates will always be announced via Instagram and Facebook, but the best way to be the first to know is to join the mailing list HERE


Q: Oops! I placed two orders. Can I combine them?

A: Yes! As long as both orders are under the same mailing address and name I will automatically combine orders and contact you to refund any shipping overages.


Q: How do you package your work for shipment?

A: I pack all of my orders with a recycled paper product called Geami and fill any spare room with biodegradable packing peanuts. Geami paper is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified and made using recycled materials. Both materials are biodegradable and geami is 100% recyclable through your local community’s recycling program. Although I use as little plastic as possible, I also reuse packing materials whenever I can - so some bubble wrap sometimes will sneak in there!


Q: When should I expect my package to ship?

A: Unless otherwise noted, pottery and other objects ordered directly from my website is in stock and ready to ship. I try my best to get all orders out the door within 4-5 business days; however, in times of heavy order flow, this timing is subject to change.


Q: Can I order online and pick it up at your studio?

A: I do not offer a “pick up” option on my site. My studio is attached to my home and I try to maintain my privacy. However, if you live in Asheville and would like to pick up locally please send me an email and we can arrange pickup at Odyssey Clayworks in the River Arts District.


Q: What shipping carriers to you use?

A: I primarily ship packages with USPS - but sometimes will ship larger orders with UPS or FedEx. For more information, take a look at my Shipping Policies page.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! I typically ship via USPS internationally. It can be the more expensive carrier but in my experience I find that any duty fees are much lower with USPS. I have no control over the fees that you are charged once your pottery reaches your customs agency.


Q: Dang shipping is expensive! How do you calculate shipping cost?

A: The truth is, pottery is tough to ship! My shipping charges are automatically calculated based on live USPS rates and the dimensions and weight of your order.


Q: Is your pottery dishwasher and microwave safe? How do I best care for it?

A: All pieces that do not contain wire or gold luster decoration are microwave and dishwasher safe! However, I always suggest hand washing any handmade ceramics as much as possible. If your piece has wire or gold luster decoration, do not put it in the microwave or dishwasher.

Each piece of handmade pottery is meant to be used and loved every day as well as being a piece of art for display. Pottery is breakable and should be protected from obvious shocks like dropping it and from sudden changes in temperature. Uneven heating can cause it to crack.  


 Q: Can I come visit your studio?

A: At this time I do not accept studio visitors. However, if you’re visiting the Asheville area send me a message and I can point you in the direction of several amazing pottery studios and galleries!


Q: The piece I wanted is sold out! Can I place a custom order?

*PLEASE NOTE* as of right now, I do not have space to accept any custom orders in 2022.

A: When I am able to accept custom orders, I will list customizable piece slots in my shop. 

Naturally, customizable pieces will ship out after any ready-made work available in the shop restock. This means if you are ordering any ready-made piece from the shop, you must check out separately with a customizable piece. 

What is the wait time for a customizable piece?

6-8 weeks from the time the design is finalized.

How does it work?

Step 1: Order your customizable plate/big mug/regular mug on my website

Step 2: Fill out the form and finalize the design with me!

Step 3: After 6-8 weeks, I will ship out your unique piece!

There are two tiers.

Tier 1: Average Joe

For this piece you will fill out a form and we can incorporate one or two of your ideas into one of my designs. For example: your cat in a camping scene!

Tier 2: Kitchen Sink

This one can get very complex! If you’re thinking you want your home or portrait of a person/people on a mug, this one is for you. We can add in as many details as we have room for on a tiny porcelain canvas.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: More information on shipping damages, product irregularities, returns and refunds can be found here.


Q: Any other questions?

A: Shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you.